ROOST is the culmination of over a decade of thinking about design, housing, and life. It's been the subject of countless dinner parties; both actual conversation and simple observation. It's the acute awareness of what grabs our attention and holds our heart as we live our lives truly believing that design matters to our individual, and collective, well-being.

ROOST is a "right-sized" community. We believe that the threads that stitch together a life well lived, are not defined by the number of bedrooms, square footage or even a certain aesthetic; but rather environments that foster human comfort, both physical and mental, and are rich in thoughtfulness, not gratuity.

ROOST is a purposely mixed-use neighborhood that emphasizes getting to know your neighbors, getting out and about on foot, and living village life like it once was. Weaving together artfully designed detached single family residences, live+work townhomes, a 15 cabin resort, a restaurant and small shop spaces, ROOST is a vibrant and eclectic island village Bohemia.

ROOST is a place to graciously welcome friends and meet interesting visitors, yet it also offers up cozy, private spaces for when the mood or moments require. Spaces, both inside and out, are hardworking, not wasteful. Authentic spaces, crafted with love and care, able to accommodate the personality of unique individuals and families.

ROOST celebrates being.

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