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Just 3 miles Southwest of the Winslow Ferry Terminal, the Roost Neighborhood lies at the western edge of the Historic Lynwood Center Village on Bainbridge Island. This sunny hamlet is across the street from the Rich Passage waterway and adjacent to Bainbridge’s “Gold Coast” neighborhood, Pleasant Beach. Lynwood Center / Pleasant Beach Village serves as the “Southenders” community crossroads of daily life. An eclectic mix of charming businesses serve both locals and visitors. Roost is an integral part of the growing village center.

Know Your Neighbors

Roost is rooted in the idea that a life lived, conveniently on foot, is both a mentally and physically healthy life; giving you time to truly see and know your neighbors.



The first 10 Roost residences, built & occupied in 2018, are sited on the northernmost edge of the village, and are the first physical buildings to give shape to these community concepts.

After over a decade of living with the ideas of this neighborhood “in our heads,” we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the first homes built, all of which sold before construction was even complete. We could not have been more pleased that we somehow struck a chord with our belief that DESIGN DOES MATTER…


The SMALL celebrates the lifestyle of "right sizing" needs. At 2 bedrooms plus a "sidecar", 2 baths, and a 1-car garage with generous storage capacity, it packs in a lot of efficiency without feeling or living small. That is achieved with giving the most priority to the vaulted and light filled main living space to provide volume and grace without unnecessary square footage. An indoor-outdoor fireplace in this main space faces a covered patio in a private yard, expanding life outside for many months of the year.


Ironically, NOT LARGE by many market standards, our LARGE Home is 2,150sf of living space including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, an office and a generous flex space over the semi-detached 1.5 car "project" garage. Even so, similar to our SMALL Home, the LARGE packs a lot of high function, style and grace of space into its square footage.

Features and Sustainability

Common to all of the PHASE 1A homes, the architecturally simple and classic gabled forms are rooted in the agrarian history of our island community but are styled with a modern twist. The highly durable exterior raw material palette including, concrete, naturally weathering steel and aged cedar are intended to minimize maintenance.

Born from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, seeing beauty in the “perfection of imperfection,” the buildings’ exterior material selections blend into the landscape.

In compliment to the thoughtful and efficient overall home size, and the benefits of the exterior materials, we asked ourselves “what is the right thing to do?” in making all project and building decisions.

While we did not adhere to a single industry sustainability standard, all of the homes have very high efficiency envelopes, and can achieve NET ZERO energy consumption by adding the optional PV Solar panel systems. Even without the PV Systems we have received homeowner feedback that the quality concrete ICF wall systems provide very stable interior air temperatures, and very low air infiltration; the two primary factors that vastly reduce energy consumption and improve human comfort.

SMALL: Plans


LARGE: Plans



Roost also has direct access to the natural bounty of Bainbridge Island; including an adjacent public beach, and forested paths via the Schel Chelb Estuary Trailhead to Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve and beyond.

Whether you like to paddle, pedal or simply walk the flat country roads and wooded trails, some of the most popular places to enjoy a quintessential Pacific Northwest Island Life are right outside your front door.

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